I am looking for a decent content management system. The comments here have been interesting.

Has anyone used geeklog?

Any problems, glitches, or gotchas?



I’m building my own CMS.

Anyway, for what application do you wish to use your CMS?

EX: General Website, Weblog?

For weblogs I prefer pMachine (this is what I use for my blog, I like). For general websites, I’d say that phpWCMS is a decent option. There are MANY others, so I suggest you do your own research as well.

Ok, I just took a look at GeekLog, and from what I’ve seen I still think pMachine is still a better option. Give it a try, you can’t go wrong with it.

  • Patrick

I am building a copywriting website and I plan to include several articles on copywriting, web copy, technical writing, marketing, etc.

Maybe more.

My thoughts are that a searchable article database would be a good thing.

I’ve looked at several, but not either of the two you suggested.

One of the comparison sites for opensource cms solutions mentioned that Geeklog required ‘globals=ON’. Would that be a problem with DH?

Presumably, they are referring to PHP’s register_globals option. DreamHost has this set to “on” by default, although I think it should be set to “off”, as per the suggestion at

As a much better alternative, I would recommend WordPress, an open-source and highly customizable PHP-based content management system.

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog

Sure… we’d /love/ to have it off… or even have an easy way to make it so that users can turn it off. Unfortunately, we have a lot of users with scripts that would break if we changed this, so it’s something that would have to be announced well in advance if we were to make such a change – and even then, I can almost guarantee we’d be flooded with huge numbers of support questions from angry customers. So it’s kind a double-bind…

Currently you can set it off with mod_php (using php_flag in an .htaccess file), but there’s no way to do this with php-cgi, and I don’t know of any way we could make that work.

Of that I am certain. Many people using PHP don’t actually understand it, with all the off-the-shelf scripts available.

Perhaps, however, an opportunity will present itself in the future. I can see a need for DreamHost to offer PHP5 soon, and this will most likely have to be kept separate from PHP4 installations for similar reasons. When that happens, the globals issue could be taken care of at the same time.

Simon Jessey
Keystone Websites | si-blog

As of today, DH has made installing Wordpress insanely easy from your panel and I think it might be a great platform for what you are trying to do. You might also want to try out some of the CMS installations at before you make a decision. You can log in as an admin and play around with different CMSs, then decide which one you want to try installing and using.