Geeklog and url_rewrite


i have to move my site fron another hosting company to Dreamhost. I am using geeklog and a featured called url_rewrite.

i have installed geeklog at dreamhost and it works, but url_rewrite doesn’t work.

At there is a faq entry for this:

where you can read:

Why aren’t rewriten links working (url_rewrite)?

  1. Note that URL rewriting does not work under MS IIS

  2. Check to make sure that the cofiguration variable $_CONF[‘url_rewrite’] is set to true.

  3. If safe_mode is enabled on your php installation or for the geeklog directory, you must add “AcceptPathInfo On” or similar to your web server configuration file. See the documetation for your web server (apache).

can anyone tell me what can i do to solve this problem?

Thank you, ismael

I can assure you that:

  1. Dreamhost is not running IIS webservers (at least for the majority of clients)
  2. Lots of people are using the url rewriting features with the default Apache webservers. The server specific module for this is called “mod_rewrite” and you can read more here:

In order to implement rewritten urls you have to have a file named .htaccess in your directory. Have you created one yet? Maybe we can offer some better suggestions if you can provide a little more detail or perhaps a link to your site.

I haven’t create an .htaccess file because in my older hosting i don`t need it.

This is a link to my site:
if you try the link read more or Welcome one, you will get this message: No input file specified.


normal url:

So, you think that the problem would be resolved creating an .htaccess file?

What should be the content of .htaccess? I have never used it.

Thank you,

PD: sorry for my english