Gd graphics for php on dh?

Is that enough acronyms for you?

Subject says it all: is the gd graphics mod installed on dh servers? I tried phpinfo() to find out if it’s installed, but saw nothing relating to gd in the output.


I am pretty sure it’s not built into mod_php. I believe it may be installed in the PHP binary at /usr/bin/php… one way or another, you’ll need to run PHP as a CGI to get GD support.

See also:

For some articles on how to run PHP as a CGI, how to build your own version of PHP, etc.

This stops mysql_pconnect from keeping persistent connections doesn’t it? since it’s cgi it has to creeate a new connection everytime… this isn’t good for those that try to keep their connections down due to the coneries(sp?!) limit…

Roll on the upgrade to php4.3.x GD should be on by default and register globals should be off!! that’s would be good :wink:

Anyone know if this is planned at all? (an upgrade of php)

I believe that an upgrade to PHP is planned, probably in coordination with the MySQL upgrade.

However, it’s unlikely that we’ll build mod_php with GD.

Why though? since php comes ‘out the box’ with GD2.0.x On by default… i’d like to use more GD but i can’t since the way php as cgi handles mysql connections.

I agree that GD support would be great without having to compile our own cgi. besides connections I have session difficulties because of the cgi page. This effects my shopping cart, and costs me some orders.

Madbob, - I am curious if you have tried a cgi version and if it has killed your conqueries (spelling). Our most popular page is cgi, while the whole rest of our site is php, yet we are still way under the limit. Maybe you have significantly more traffic than our site. Some things just can’t be done a better way than cgi.


I doubt i have more visitors :wink: i barely use 1GB bandwidth… and last billing period i used 0.360 MCn…


Have a read at that, it’s got something about the persistent connections not persisting when php is used through CGI.

Bandwidth wise I do use substatially more, but really it is number of visitors, and pageviews that make a difference. Our conueries are 1.185MCn estimate for this month. Way under the allowed 15MCn.

Directly related to your point, I scrolled backwards through the Dreamhost admin panel (you have to admit that the admin panel is very nice, even if slow) to a date before I implemented cgi, and my conueries doubled around that time. That is for one page, that gets about 500 views per day, and that is the ONLY page on my entire site that is pcgi, although all other pages do use php and mySQL.

I hope this helps,


Yeah, i was using mysql_connect() and thought, my conueries were rather high for my low usage… so i read up a bit and changed all my scripts to mysql_pconnect and it shot down… which is good if my site ever kicks off!

With regards to the GD issue, It would be possible if required to use GD in a directory above the public html i.e. public_html/pics/ and have the .htaccess in there and then it wouldn’t cause all php to be passed through the cgi bit… unless the images are coming direct from a database i think this would work… any thoughts?

( it would still be better if the ‘;’ was removed from the php.ini on the line relating to GD though ;D )


I’m building an app at the moment which requires GD and I have to agree with Madbob, if we are soon to be upgraded to PHP 4.3.x which comes with GD built in, why take it out?
GD is a fantastically useful part of PHP, please don’t deprive us of it.


Still wanting GD.