GD Freetype broken?


I’m having trouble with a PHP script (specifically, a spam-blocking plug-in for Wordpress) that relies on the GD Freetype library. The script runs, but the image it produces has no text.

I did some searching in the forums here, and found this post in “General Troubleshooting” forum from October which may have pinpointed the problem: Phrase&Searchpage=0&Limit=25&Old=1year&Main=13390

In that post, user ‘Mark’ says that the default PHP seems to be compiled with the –with-freetype option when –with-freetype-dir was the correct option.

Was this ever fixed? Is fixing it on the horizon? The Dreamhost knowledge base specifically says that Freetype is officially supported by Dreamhost, and I would rather not take on the hassle of compiling my own PHP CGI solely to work around such a minor bug. Thanks.

This still seems to be broken. Is there any chance of it being fixed in the immediate future?

Hmmm. Apparently no one who works at Dreamhost and is in a position to comment on programming issues reads this forum.

Ah well. I will continue to try to escalate this through support e-mail. I have to say I’m not impressed with this level of non-responsiveness on an obvious bug.

“Please understand that these forums are not routinely checked by DreamHost employees (although we do show up from time to time!), and are not meant as a replacement for the KBase or support form. While a great way to receive help and insight from other DreamHost customers, you should use the above options if you need a fast or official response.” ~ Discussion Forum Guidelines (Section 1)

I did check the official Dreamhost Knowledge Base, and when I saw that GD Freetype was officially supported, sent a message through the support form to notify Dreamhost that it wasn’t working. I included pointers to the relevant messages in this board where the problem had been diagnosed, with the probable fix spelled out. I received a response within 24 hours that my request was being passed up to “level 2 technical support.”

That was three weeks ago. I never received another response, and Freetype still isn’t working. If that’s how Dreamhost interprets “fast and official,” I remain unimpressed.