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The Crazy Domain Insane plan offers:

500 MB Disk, 25 GB Transfer

Does the “25 GB Transfer” refer to bandwith? If I understand this correctly, Dreamhost will allow up to 25 GB of data from my website to be transferred to people who are simultaneously visiting / viewing my website? In essence, this is what allows thousands+ of people to view the contents of my website all at the same time without mishap / having to wait for any of my website pages to become available to them (preventing them from having to get in a virtual website viewing line)?

And 500 MB of Disk storage refers to the size of all the pages of my website to sit on the Dreamhost server with around the clock availability to be called up by however many people on the Internet with their browsers via using my plan’s available bandwith?

I hope I got that right. If my understanding went astray anywhere along the line, I would greatly appreciate being told about it or receiving confirmation that I reasoned it out correctly.

Thanks for your help,

25GB is the total weight of files that can be served on that plan per month, without incurring an extra charge. If you had 1 file that weighed 1GB (extreme but it’s just an example), someone could visit that file 25 times in a month and that would equal 25GB of transfer.

500MB is the space that you are allocated on that plan to store files and email on the server. The biggest site I run at DH is probably my family stuff, been there 3 or 4 years and have managed to dump thousands of photos and a few videos and buncha Flash stuff; Last I looked I wasn’t even past 200MB.

Both would be very hard to exceed for most sites.

There seemed to be a question in your mind about simultaneous connections to your site, I can’t tell you technical details but yeah, no problems there =)


Remember that this bandwidth allocation covers FTP too. It should be no problem for non-adult specific websites, but could be a problem for some offering some popular download via FTP. Maybe. But then you should be on a dedicated server, so … :slight_smile:

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Don’t forget that the disk storage refers to all files… if you keep your mail on the Dreamhost servers, that will count against your limit.