Garbage Email function in panel, please clarify?

In my DH Web Panel, I discovered that in the settings for individual email addresses there is a feature called “Garbage Email,” but I don’t understand what exactly it does.

The button under it reads, “Delete All Messages!” but I don’t know if that means that it will do that once or in perpetuity, if it will do it for every mailbox or just the one I’m setting it up in, and if more than one Garbage Email address can be specified.

If it does it in perpetuity, that would be a useful feature indeed, particularly if it can be applied specifically to addresses with the “+” sign used in them to generate instant temporary addresses. Once I were through using an address, I could just have it auto-deleted and never see email sent to that address again.

Can anyone enlighten me as to the exact function of “Garbage Email”?

As I understand it, a ‘Garbage Email’ address is simply another type of email address you can create, like ‘Fully Hosted’ or ‘Forward-Only’.

If you create a ‘Garbage Email’ address, the mail server will accept mail for that address, but the mail won’t actually be delivered, it will simply be deleted.


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