Galley2 - 2 installs - want one to be a subdomain

Ive installed 2 copies of Gallery in my domain directory in folders called “richard” and “gallery”

I would like the “richard” copy, to open in the subdomain “” and the other to open as default in “

I have created the sub domain.

But because the data for the galleries, is outside the actual folder, everything I have tried so far has failed to result in the desired effect. (ie I can either get to open with this in the address bar - but minus any of the photo data because it isnt found - or be redirected to “

All very annoying. Im sure this can be done - but after about 6 hours of trying last night, Ive all but given up

can anyone point me in the right direction here? (I have emailed support - but no reply so far)


What were you doing exactly? Did you go to domain==>remap sub-dir?

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