Gallery2 supported? backup MX?


Hi, I was looking at getting a level 1 package on the crazy domain sale. I know it supports php[4,5] and MySQL. Does it have the necessary tools for image manipulation such as imagemagic, netpbm already installed on the server? Also, can the main domain that is hosted at DreamHost be a subdomain? I just intend to have gallery at dreamhost for the pipe to serve out the images. I suppose I can have the main domain be created at DreamHost, and not use it as I intend to use my personal DNS servers and just point the subdomain to DreamHost. Does DreamHost provide backup MX?


Yes, netPBM and ImageMagick as well as many other utilities are installed on all servers.

As for Gallery2, this is available as a ‘one-click install’ from the web admin panel.

All the domains and sub-domains you host at DreamHost are, for the most part, equal. There is no real ‘main domain’. Each domain (or sub-domain) can be configured independently and each has its own web accessable directory.

As for using your own DNS servers; This could present a few problems as the IP address of your particular DreamHost server may change without notice, or your site may be moved to a completely different server (and IP). Of-course, this problem can be overcome if you purchase a unique IP address for your domain.

I am not sure. The best option would be to contact DreamHost and ask them.


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Gallery 2 is supported but expect to get your hands a bit dirty if you want it working the way you want. this is my gallery 2 gallery which is hosted on dreamhost

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