Gallery2 slowness/eAccelerator

I’m running Gallery2 embedded within Wordpress as can be seen here:

That page took 11 seconds to load - that is, 11 seconds before the thumbnails even started to show up. Probably took another 10 seconds for all the thumbs to display. I know I can reduce the number of thumbs displaying on the page, but even at 30 images at 3k each, that’s only 90-100kb to load.

I’ve got full acceleration turned on at Gallery - set to expire after 2 days. I’m just figuring out how to do the embedding and stuff, so I am not familiar where the bottleneck would be. Can someone give me some suggestions?

On the Gallery forums, someone suggested running eAccelerator. I downloaded it, but can’t figure out how to install it. I am fairly familiar with linux systems having worked in that area for a few years, but I may be a little rusty with Makefiles and the like. Can we install it? Are there any other similar php caching options or otherwise to improve my performance?



I just went there and it loaded pretty quickly for me. Did this just happen the first time you viewed the album after adding the images? If so, maybe you have it configured to generate the thumbnails when first viewed. That’s somewhat processer intensive and could take a while.

If you’re still getting a slow render afterwards, something weird is going on. Are you using a decent computer to view your site? If it doesn’t have a lot of ram or horsepower, the actual loading of the document may be hindered by your resources.

What’s it loading like for you now?

To your question regarding installation of eaccelerator, you may wish to try its Wiki page for a source install guide:
It’s pretty straight forward I think, and they also offer binary packages on their website if it doesn’t end up working out for you.

As an alternative to eaccelerator (though I use it personally), there is Pecl APC Link.

I have written up two tutorials with shell scripts. The first to get your own PHP install and the second for eAccelerator.

I am going to work on APC next.