Gallery2 setting up http auth, htpasswd


I want to setup up gallery2 so that it is visible to the world, but that user accounts and passwords are controlled by Http Auth and htpasswd. That is, I want users to be able to log in with the htpasswd username and password (used with other software on the same site) and once validated for that realm be already logged-in to gallery,and user albums and such to work. (Eventually I’ll be migrating an existing gallery instance over to this one, but thought I should sort this out first!)

  • I’ve installed the HTTP Auth module and the rewrite module.
  • I’ve tested the rewrite module (works fine)

I’m now stuck as to what I do next to enable this. On the Http Auth page I’ve:

  • Checked “Use HTTP Authentication”
  • Set the HTTP Authentication Realm to the same realm as used by other apps
  • Not checked “Use Web Server Authentication”, cuz I wasn’t sure
  • Checked “Use the authentication plugins for all modules”, cuz it sounded like a good idea
  • Not checked “Use Regular Expressions”, cuz I’m not doing kerberos or anything

Any suggestions as to where I should go from here? I thought the http auth module would take care of the integration with gallery but it doesn’t really seem to?

Thanks for any suggestions,


I take it that this is the Gallery2 Module? You may want to hit the Gallery forums for help, as a search over there turns up http auth.

And here’s the link to their wiki page on httpauth: