Gallery2 problem

My thumbnails and images are not showing up in gallery2. I looked up the problem in their FAQ and found the solution.

It tells me to edit the php.ini file and up the memory limit. Fine… but I cannot, for the life of me, find the php.ini file anywhere!

Anyone have any idea? Thanks in advance.


Unless you’re on a dedicated server, you can’t edit php.ini because it would affect everyone else on your server.

Hmm. I have Gallery 2 running without any problems using imagemagick as the graphics toolkit.

Makes sense. It also tells you that you can edit the .htaccess file. I guess I’ll do that instead.

I am running GD toolkit, but added and installed imagemagick and set that as default. No luck with that either.

Imagemagick is already installed on the server–did you install your own? If so you might try using the one on the server–I have the path set in my install as /usr/bin/

Other than that I’m not sure what might help, but if you can’t get it working you might try the gallery forums for help (I think is where they are?) The couple of times I needed help while I was upgrading to version 2, they were really helpful.

I installed GD as the primary from the get-go. This was the third time I have installed gallery2 since buying my space on DH. It’s really getting frustrating. I’ll see how things work using JUST imagemagick.

Thanks for your help

I use the pre-installed Imagemagick with Gallery and have had no troubles. Have installed Gallery 1.x and 2 a few times at DH, both by hand and with the one-click. Seems Gallery 2 installs much easier with the one-click because of the permissions/folder location issues.