Gallery2 Install Error


I used the DH One-Click-Install for Gallery2, which worked.

But now I’m going through the install process and it has thrown up this:

“Warning: Output buffering is enabled in your PHP by the output_buffering parameter(s) in php.ini. Gallery can function with this setting - downloading files is even faster - but Gallery might be unable to serve large files (e.g. large videos) and run into the memory limit. Also, some features like the progress bars might not work correctly if output buffering is enabled unless ini_set() is allowed.”

How am I able to change the php.ini to change the output_buffering value.

I installed Gal2 a while ago and this error didn’t appear.

If you need anymore info, just ask.


I would just ignore this message, continue with the install and only worry about it if you have issues. I thought the installation notes from DH said something to the same effect?

If you decided you still need to address this, then there’s instructions in the wiki on setting up your own PHP.ini file.

–Matttail - personal website