Gallery2, how to upload lots of photos?

I have just set up Gallery2 for the first time, using one-click install. I want to create an album and then put all of my photos into it, but when I click Add Items, the only way Gallery lets me add photos is one at a time, using the web upload tool.

But I’ve got dozens/hundreds of photos that I’d like to put online. What I’d really like to do is point Gallery at a directory where I’ve FTP’d all my files, and have it just import them.

The Gallery2 FAQ says that I should find a “Local Server” option on the Add Items page, but I don’t see such an option. Why is it missing?

One of the Gallery plugins is “Add Items,” which gives you the Import -> Web/Server option. There’s also an “Arvhive” option which exracts your photos from a zip file. I’ve not used either option, but they’re available.


When you say “available”, do you mean “available via one-click from Dreamhost”, or “available, go build it from source”, or maybe something else?

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I guess I should have mentioned that I did read the FAQ, but since I did not install Gallery2 all by myself, but instead used Dreamhost’s one-click install, I don’t know where I’m supposed to expect DH’s support of plugins to stop, and where I’m supposed to take things from there and start doing things by myself.

Ok, so proceeding as if I’m supposed to do all the rest of it myself, I just try to follow instructions…

So I went to my gallery page, logged in as admin, and chose Site Admin -> Plugins -> Get More Plugins.

I am told, that I have cd to my gallery directory and chmod 777 modules themes. Well, gee, that sounds pretty dangerous on a shared host like Dreamhost, but okay… fine, I did it. Then I press the shiny Continue button.

Seems okay, then it tells me I need to download the plugin list, so I press the Download Plugin List button. Then it pretends it worked, but gives me an error on the next screen:

Error downloading index from ''. Please make sure that your internet connection is set up properly or try again later. Well, I think my internet connection is set up properly. Dreamhost is a major internet service provider, right? But since they were nice enough to include the URL, I tried grabbing the file myself using wget… and it just sits there, and sits there, and sits there, and never downloads anything.

Funny, when I try it from my Linux box at home, it grabs the file immediately, but from my Dreamhost server, it does not work! Is this because Dreamhost is somehow firewalled from the Gallery servers? Or Dreamhost doesn’t permit the outbound connection? Or what?

So, did anyone else actually do these steps and got it to work? Am I missing something basic here? I just want to upload a bunch of photos, can it really be so hard to get from A to B?

Dreamhost gives you a standard installation. I believe that when you do the initial installation (too late now), there was a choice to add more modules. So on to how most people do it:

My modules and themes directories are 755 and they work fine.
I just tried the Update Plugin List option and got the same error. This is the first time this has happened, so I suspect it’s a problem at the Menalto end. I checked the forums there and others are just now having the same problem.

I already have the archiveupload plugin. If you’d like, you can grab my compressed tarfile from:

A command of:
tar -xvzf archive.tgz
will create a populated archiveupload directory where you execute the command.

p.s. Gallery 2.3 just came out, though not in the One-Click yet. I’m just excited because it offers native Piclens support.


Hi everyone. It seems that this was indeed not a problem with what I was doing, but a problem at the Gallery servers. After trying again a few days later, the Add Plugins option worked fine, and I was able to install the Add Items plugin that I need, and I am now happily uploading tons of photos.

Thanks everyone for putting up with my frustrated outburst here on the forum. I really could not tell if it’s something I was doing wrong, being unfamiliar with this software, but now I’m growing more familiar as I use it.

You might want to give this a try, it works for me.


That’s what I use, but if you’re trying to populate a HUGE gallery, the OP’s original desire of FTPing all the pictures to a directory and then importing locally is pretty handy.