Gallery2 Authentication

I tried the one-click installation of Gallery2. In step 1, an authentication number is generated, which should be placed in a login.txt file.

When I download the provided file, the number is different from the displayed number. Both numbers fail to get accepted by the installation.

— stefkeB —

Are you carefully pasting in the displayed number to replace the one in the login.txt file?


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I tried it few weeks ago and it worked fine.

Is it possible for you to delete everything including the databases, web directories, and try to re-install everything?

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I’m afraid this did not work.

What was strange that the displayed code and the code in the automatically generated login.txt was different!

— stefkeB —

Same thing happened here. Had DH install for me since they didn’t have the same issue. Go figure! Glad to hear I’m not the only one - but stop wasting time and have DH finish install.

I also have the same problem

I have tried to upload the file login.txt, to edit it with vi, etc but whenever I click on “Authenticate me” shows me another number

Resolved the problem, changing from Omniweb browser to Safari browser did it