Gallery2 and webdav - need some help enabling



I have gallery 2.2.2 installed and working well. i want to enable webdav uploading. when i goto the webdav item in the admin page i get the following errors:

“WebDAV requests not handled. You can’t connect with WebDAV because this server doesn’t pass WebDAV requests to Gallery. Troubleshooting documentation is in the Gallery Codex.”

“URL rewrite module disabled. Most WebDAV clients will fail to connect because the URL rewrite module is disabled. You should activate the URL rewrite module in the Site Admin Plugins option and choose either Apache mod_rewrite or ISAPI_Rewrite. Troubleshooting documentation is in the Gallery Codex.”

since i don’t have access to httpd.conf, i don’t know how to disable mod_dav (assuming this is what i need to do). i don’t understand the problem with the re-write error.

i have searched these forums for 15 min and not found any other posts about this. if anyone knows how to solve this problem, it would be very much appreciated.

thanks in advance!


What do you want to use webdav uploading for? I use the java client tool for uploading pictures.

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I use Gallery Remote, which is really nice.

However, WebDAV is a feature that some may want for some reason. I’ve not tried this, but a challenge is always nice. I’ve never attempted WebDAV with G2, so I don’t know how it interacts.

I can only suggest that the user create a WebDAV directory according to the G2 instructions, and turn on the URL Rewrite feature as suggested by the error message. URL Rewrite is a handy feature to have, regardless. Beyond that, I dunno. As I said, I’ve never tried it, but G2 documentation is pretty decent and the codex should shine some light on the subject.



I’m having the same problem. If you (or anyone else) finds a solution, please post it. I want WebDav so that the in-laws can upload pictures without hassle.