Gallery2 and FrontPage 2003?

I created my website with Frontpage 2003. On the main page is the links button on the left for the “About Me” and the “Links” page. I was thinking of adding Gallery2 using the easy install that is provided as a “goodie”. However, I am wondering about this and FrontPage. I would like a clickable link on the pages that if someone wanted to go and view photos, they could by simply clicking the link. However I know that Frontpage creates extra files in the _vti_pvt and the _vti_cnf folders in the main folder in my computer. These additional files need to alway be uploaded when any new scheme comes to play.
An example, in you can click on the pictures link that was created with Frontpage and it takes you to that page photos.htm page and you can view the photos there. Each time I add a photo to the photo album in my computer (vernsdidj) in the photos.htm it creates images in the image folder and several other folders that I have to make sure that those files in those folders are also uploaded for everything to work. Microsoft Office Fronpage has several templates and add-ins, and include photo album galleries. They are a real bother to add very many pictures as they create other files throughtout the folder. Rather than upload the entire folder I check to see what is added or changed and upload only those files.

With Gallery2 how would it interact with Frontpage? Will I need to create links to the photo gallery?

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Gallery 2 should be treated as an external website. Gallery2 is an Advanced One-Click, so it can go in a subfolder. However, since you’re using Front Page, I suggest you create a Fully Hosted subdomain and install the gallery there. You can modify the Gallery template to include a link back to your main site.

If FrontPage will allow you to manually insert HTML, you can add in some handy Gallery modules, such as a Random Image, which when clicked will take you to that image in your Gallery.


You can manually insert code in Frontpage. Check out the website, and you can see a stat counter I installed in the pages, along with a weather report, a feed back script from, and a java based email script to work around email bots that cruise through web pages. I also have the DreamHost link that was a script that I also installed.

Frontpage 2003 has a “wysiwyg” view, “code” view, split and another “view” and you can view it though a web browser to see how it is going to look on the web.

I have heard good things of Dreamweaver, but it is a bit pricy.

I have also heard good things about Web Easy Professional ver 7.0

Perhaps Gallery2 is a bit overkill, as I have only a few photos to put up there, not hundreds, nor is there a need to have others put up photos.

I do have a photo album program from called Web Photo Album. I just have not fiddled with it a lot.

By linking to the folder in my frontpage or other, web creation software, is there an index.htm (in the new created “photos” folder) that would open up the album first page in Gallery2?

Might pay to find a downloadable help file for this program.

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Linking to the folder will work, as there’s an index.php that Apache will find and display.