Gallery2 1click install and thumbnails



I was able to successfully (i think) install Gallery 2 using dreamhost’s one-click install. everything works fine other than the fact that Gallery cannot make thumbnails for any of the images I upload, either via a temp upload directory i’ve set up, or choosing a few images through the web page upload form.

any ideas? it generates this huge error page if I go into the gallery maintenance and tell it to re-build all the thumbnails/resizes. All three of the graphics modules (GD, ImageMagik, etc) are installed… not sure what’s going on here

also… if I changed the order of the graphics modules to make GD the first one, then imagemagik and then netbpm – the thumbnails do appear, but they come out very very very very blocky and only 4-5 colors in a thumbnail. you can take a look at the results at


Try leaving netbpm active and deactivate all others. That’s how it works for me. However, I installed Gallery2 manually, without 1-click.