I have installed Gallery in my domain and it’s working fine.
I just created a sub-domain for a family member and
would like to set them up with their own Gallery. I’d guess
that I need to install a copy of Gallery for them. But I
could be wrong.

From reading it sems as if it should work OK but I’m
a little nervous that I’ll mess up my original install.
Any clarifications? thanks…frankj

You should be fine to go right ahead and use the “once-click” installer to create another instance of Gallery in the sub-domain for your other family member.

Nothing should conflict, as long as you create a new database for the second gallery site (part of the one-click). Good Luck!


as rlparker said, it should be ok.

Just make sure that you have new database name and everything is installed for the right domain name.

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thanks rlparker & patricktan. I’ll give it a go.