I’m thinking of switching my hosting to DH.

I really like the Gallery program for pictures. Has anyone had any problems using it on DH?



No it seems to work okay. They have a one click install so it is quite simple really. When the software is updated the one click is updated as well so you have a recent version of the software.



I used it for a family photo gallery. Managing users is a bit of a pain though - just not intuitive.

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No problems here, Gallery works fine.

As Norm said, DreamHost offers ‘one-click’ install/upgrade of Gallery (and other applications) via the Goodies section of the Web admin panel. The version currently listed is Gallery Image Album (v2.1)


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I had trouble importing my old gallery from version 1.2, dreamhost kept timing out.

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A little off-topic from a current DH user…

Do one-click installs work for upgrades, too? I’m thinking not, but I’m kind of stuck upgrading from 2.0 to 2.1, and if there’s an easier way to get it done at this point, I’m all ears.

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Yes just click the upgrade button when it shows in the one-click panel.
No problems with it so far. Previous installation is placed in gallery.old if you wish to go back.

Next time you upgrade the installations are dropped back again using gallery.old1 etc (where gallery is your folder of course)




I have the current installation (the mucked up one) in /gallery2 directory. Do I just install this one into the same directory? Or do I make a new directory? I saw the line about “make sure there are no files in the directory” on the install page, would an upgrade just overwrite the necessary files there? Or do I have to clean them all out first?

Thanks for the help!

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Did you install initially using the one-click option?

It will rename /gallery2 to gallery2.old and then install the new version into a new copy of folder /gallery2 so that the data/settings are available. It will run you through the config process again when you first login to the updated gallery.

The email from the happy robot is like:-

We just upgraded your install of gallery as requested at:

Any custom skins or plug-ins you might have added may need to be re-
installed… your old installation is still available at:

If for some reason you need to restore it, just rename the directories
with your FTP client.

The Happy DreamHost 1-Click Robot!

Where of course I installed it initially into /gallery



Don’t remember what I initially installed it with, but I think the upgrade might have been through the 1-click install. Trying it now, just to see what’s up. I have a backup of the mySQL db, so I hope I’m fine if something breaks. :slight_smile:

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Bah. You can’t upgrade if you didn’t initially do it the one-click way. (Which I assume is what you were getting at.) Bummer. I wonder if I just do a completely fresh one-click install (to get the benefits of one-click upgrades later), will I be able to import my data from the backed-up database? Or will I have to go back and rebuild all the albums and everything from scratch?


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Pre DreamHost I have upgraded gallery manually and it always went okay.

Have a look at the updating section here.



Yeah, same here. For some reason, this one threw errors back at me big time. I’ve looked through that documentation, but every time I read it, it gets more and more confusing. I originally installed it manually, and everything looked like it unpacked fine, but when I went to the web browser part of the upgrade, none of the upgrade-**.html (or is it .php?) files were there like they normally are.

Thanks for your help, Norm, I’m trying to get some help through Gallery’s forums as well.

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You can install a new Gallery 2.1 with one-click, and then use the installer to convert all your old albums and import your user data, upgrade the database (save your config info, admin password, old database). I did that with a version of Gallery that was self installed and upgraded a few times. I converted it to a 2.0 via one-click and recently upgraded to 2.1 with one-click. All went well, so it is possible.


Ran the one-click, made a new directory… but when I went to put everything back in the new directory, I still get an error on the upgrade installer (at step 2):

Error: Some files and or directories in your storage directory are not writeable by the webserver user. Run chown -R webserverUser /home/…/…/ OR run chmod -R 777 /home/…/…/

Which might be the problem there, even running the upgrade from the /gallery directory (new), it’s looking for g2data in /gallery2…

I feel so close, yet so frustratingly far away…

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Now that error rings a bell. I think I just had to amend the name of the data folder by adding underscores in the filename g2data so I ended up with the data folder (777) being called /home/servername/example.com_gallery_g2data so that it complied with the correct filename ready for step 4.



I saw a file like that created last night when I did the one-click install, but I don’t see it now. (I hope I didn’t delete it!) I’m a little torn between advice that goes along with the one-click install, and what the folks at the Gallery forum are telling me (as far as keeping the g2data folder in the same spot). Is there a way to just do a totally clean install (one click, preferably) and upload the backup database?

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Tony I do not knw if you have a lot of albums/pics in your old data folder but I am wondering if it might not be an idea to just create a new sub-domain and a new install. Keep your old setup and add the old stuff to the new setup. Or are we talking a lot of data here?

Then, like crygenics, when a cure is found for your old setup you can go back to it.

Perhaps it is time to move on ever forwards and save some hair. :slight_smile:

Later. In fact with a new install side by side with the old one something might shine out.



I was thinking the same thing. I don’t have too much, five or six albums, I guess. It wouldn’t be that hard to start new and rebuild them, especially if it meant getting the benefits of the one-click install in the future.

From the sounds of things at the Gallery forums (and here, too, to an extent), I’m not the only one having troubles with this upgrade.

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Yes start afresh.

Something to consider if you are not aware (I was not) is that if you are going to use watermarks over your images then install the watermark image and set it up first since you cannot it seems back mark images already uploaded.
You probably know that but I thought I would mention it as it caught me out since I wanted to use the watermark option.