Gallery with FastCGI



Has anyone here successfully gotten Gallery to run as FastCGI? Does this help the app to run at a decent speed?

As far as I can tell, it should run under FastCGI; will it do this as-is, or is there something I should do in either the Gallery config or .htaccess? I haven’t had much luck finding official info on the subject. PHP is running as CGI in the Gallery directory and I’ve enabled FastCGI for the domain. Anything else I need?

Also, is there a way to check whether the FastCGI tickbox has taken effect yet? In phpinfo() output, will the Server API change from CGI to FastCGI or similar?

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FastCGI actually requires changes to the php scripts in order for them to run under FastCGI. Gallery currently doesn’t use them from what I see.

You have two options:
1.) Lookup something that does:

2.) Upgrade to gallery 2.1, login as admin, and peer around the ‘performance’ settings that you can change.


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It looks like Gallery can benefit from being run under FastCGI (based on this), and at this point I don’t think anything special needs to be done in order to run it this way.

So that’s a start. I’m still left with my DH config to figure out, with regard to my above questions about .htaccess/FastCGI settings and such.

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.