Gallery upload from URL problem


Have posted this to the Gallery support forum with no solution and wondered if anyone here could help out? There was no additional debug info when it was turned on:

From the Add Photos menu, when you add any image URL and click on the “Submit URL or directory” button, there’s a message

Fetching Urls…

Could not open url:
Processing status…

Dismiss (button)

Anyone know how to fix this?
(Apologies if this is in the wrong place)


Where are you trying to add items from?

When you click the ‘add items’ button do you go to a page with up to nine tabs?

There are two tabs using ‘Url’ so are you trying to grab an item from a web camera or from a web page?
If from a web camera it may be password protected. If from a webpage it may be password protected and or have hotlink protection in place.

If you provide more information as to the options you are using and the nature of the place you are trying to fetch the item from then somebody may be able to help.

I am not too sure if is the real site you are trying to access. It is a magazine site and may have hotlinked all of their images.



If you are working with external URLs, it may have something to do with the fact the DreamHost disables allow_url_fopen for security reasons.

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That’s exactly it.

Is there anyway to turn this off? Or is that not a good idea?


Well as it says in the wiki article, the best thing to do is to rework your application so that it uses cURL. cURL provides a far safer mechanism for accessing external URLs.

The only alternative is to compile your own version of PHP. Doing so will allow you to use the application unchanged, but it will (of course) reopen the security hole too.

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Save $97 on yearly plans with promo code [color=#CC0000]SCJESSEY97[/color]


I take it then that you are not as I assumed using the Gallery program? I have no problems working with external URLs.



Many are from Photobucket, which allows direct/hot linking, some from various sites. This is Gallery v1.5.2-pl2

When I select Add Photos from the drop down, I have five tabs on the subsequent page:

Applet (big)

Oh that was just made up, as a for instance. I’ve tried images from many sites, including two personal websites I have set up, and nothing uploads.

Thanks for any help!


For future reference use
It is a legit website I thinks was created by W3c if you go that site, you will see what it says. Then anyone seeing that website will know it is just an example. :slight_smile: