Gallery upgrade

I moved my account to a PS on 04/01/09 (both my sites and mySql were moved to new PS’s), when running an update for Gallery from the one-click installs- I am getting this error at Step 2 (systems check):----- "Inaccessible or missing files (1)
Error: Some files and or directories in your storage directory are not writeable by the webserver user. Run chown -R webserverUser /home/.server/user/mysite.com_gallery_g2data/ OR run chmod -R 777 /home/.server/user/mysite.com_gallery_g2data/:-----.

the server listed is NOT my new PSmySQL server but my old shared sql server. so I guess my question is where and how do I find the config file for the database’s to correct the path’s?, also is this going to happen for ALL my databases?

thank’s-- art

Interesting point. Being that your one-clicks have moved from their original locations, that would normally break the One-Click upgrade path. It’d be nice to hear from someone else with One-Clicks who moved to PS if they could continue upgrading their One-Clicks.


Scott- I think that it might have moved between running the update and finishing the upgrade. I went in the _g2data directory and opened the config.php file and it is all the update process. any idea where else I could look for the config paths?

it does open an interesting can of worms doesn’t it?


config.php shouldn’t be in the g2data directory. It’s supposed to be in the gallery2 directory itself. Can you get to the Gallery Admin page?

edit: Would you happen to have a backup of your Gallery installation? Just the files; not necessarily the database.


—sorry---- it is in the gallery2 directory,
by the admin page if you mean phpmyadmin through the DH panel-- yes

JasonY in support set a yesterday to let allowable host get through when I couldn’t access any of my mySQL databases and it does allow access now- just left with a “slight” path problem–

I knew with the move to PS’s it might have a bit of tweaking needed…


had a bit of a memory block for a second there until I re-read your post- no when you try to access gallery it goes right into the upgrade final steps… I should have backups around here of the data files (photos)…

maybe send the install down the road and do a clean install??


If it’s not too much of a loss to start over, then that’d be best. Unless you want to tinker around with it for a while. If it goes straight into install, that makes me think that config.php is no longer correctly configured for the new location.


it’s not all that much … just have to remember to include mysub-domain on the acct…of my sites this was the only domain to have a problem, it was also the only one transfered to the PS before I had finished running the upgrade for Gallery on the client side…

I think in the long run it will be faster to just scrap the existing install and start over…was looking for an excuse to redo the Gallery layouts anyway…

thanks for your help and time Scott.


Scott- I deleted the gallery directory in my site directory than chose advance install from the one-clicks and ran the install. when doing the client side it tells you the existing db files are not the same version and goes into the upgrade. worked great no data lost at all. all my albums turned up. thanks again for your help today… later