Gallery update & config

So I got my first email about a Gallery upgrade (I know, a couple weeks ago, but I’ve been hectic around here!), and as with the original install, I’m a bit clueless where to start or how to go about updating it. Any help is appreciated as always.

Also, what is the easiest way to reconfigure the template? I just went with some default, and would rather have a few different colors than the drab olive green I picked up in the default config. I remember seeing menus for template options, just not too sure I remember how to get there.

Thanks guys (and girls?)!!!

have you met tony?

As for upgrading, I have found the upgrade instructions at the Gallery site to be pretty clear. As long as you haven’t made a lot of custom tweaks to the PHP files, the upgrade process should be pretty easy.

When you go through the configuration wizard, you can choose a different template. I think it is on the second page of the wizard. I’m not sure about how to tweak the templates without directly modifying Gallery files.

For customization tips, I recommend browsing through the “Customizing Gallery” discussion forum. There’s a sticky thread near the top that has a tutorial on how to create a custom skin by copying and modifying a built-in one.


Thanks Robert!

Though here I am finally getting to the upgrade, now that they have the final release of 1.4.4 out, but is there something I need to do to “override” the original version I installed? I tried following your original directions, but I get alot of (predictably) “file already exists” and “permission denied” errors. I’m guessing there is something with the old version not wanting to be written, and I’m sure there’s a simple solution, but I could be wrong.

I’ll go poke around the Gallery site now, but the help has been so great from here that I thought I’d ask here first.

Thanks again!

have you met tony?

Did you put Gallery in configuration mode before running the upgrade? I made that mistake at least once when doing an upgrade. That would definitely cause a bunch of errors.

The basic upgrade path for me was:

  1. Download new version
  2. Run from ssh
  3. Backup current version
  4. Unarchive new version over the old version
  5. Go through the configuration wizard in a web browser
  6. Run from ssh
  7. Use the special upgrade_album.php URL to upgrade all the albums

One definite caveat is that I have not customized my install in any way outside of what you can do through the configuration wizard.

I hope the upgrade goes well for you.


So the Gallery FAQ and forums are Greek to me. They’d be Greek to me if I was from Greece, I think! How do I go about backing up the current version, and is it necessary if I haven’t tweaked anything, just put pictures in? And also, how do I “unarchive” over the old version?
Here I thought I was free and clear when I got the first one to install so well! Hmmm…

Thanks for your help!

have you met tony?

Always make a backup before installing a new version. If anything goes wrong (could be a bug in the program, could be a mistake on your part), you want to be able to revert back to where you started fairly easily. The backup that I made of the gallery directory before my last upgrade was only about 1 MB. Compared to the potential pain of screwing up and having to start over from scratch, that’s nothing.

  1. Download new version
FTP the newest .tar.gz gallery install file (it’s called a tarball) to the directory on your website that contains the gallery directory. For my site, that’s the directory.

  1. Run from ssh

Start an ssh session
cd into the gallery directory
Put Gallery into configuration mode
->[servername]$ sh

  1. Backup current version

cd up one directory level
->[servername]$ cd …
Use tar to compress and archive your gallery directory
->[servername]$ tar -cz gallery > gallery-backup.tar.gz

  1. Unarchive new version over the old version

->[servername]$ tar -xvzf gallery-1.x.x.tar.gz
The above command will overwrite old files with new files.

  1. Go through the configuration wizard in a web browser

In a web browser, access the URL for your albums directory. Go through each page like when you did the original install.

  1. Run from ssh

In an ssh session, cd into the gallery directory
Put Gallery into secure mode
->[servername]$ sh

  1. Use the special upgrade_album.php URL to upgrade all the albums


man, you’re a saint! of course, that doesn’t give ME any more of a clue as to what’s going on, but I thank you again!!

you know what’s a big pain in the butt for a newbie like myself? Yahoo mail showing me the whole text of your instructions, but randomly swapping out “>” for “>”. Damn web standards! laugh

But I’m up and running again. Thanks again so so much. Hopefully that’s the last curveball they throw at me!

have you met tony?

ok the Gallery upgrade is very painless but the trick is to run the script BEFORE you replace any of the new upgrade files because both the config.php and the /setup directory are write/read protected thus you cannot upgrade them :wink:

Under 1.44 you no longer need to run the or the script. Gallery for some reason still lists that you should do this with 1.44 but under the CGI/PHP DH environment this is not really required.

Two years later, and I’m back again… I upgraded to Gallery2, with no problems, now it’s time to bump up to 2.1 and I’m getting headaches. I followed everything on this thread (which worked for Gallery2’s install/upgrade), and it looked like everything unzipped and went where it was supposed to, but I get errors when I try to access the domain ( to configure.

Any thoughts?

have you met tony?

Is your config set correctly? The upgrade from 2 to 2.1 is a multi-step process (a lot of changes in the code between the two versions) Did you run the upgrade process?

This is the error your page generates:

[quote]Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/.caicos/tgaver/ in /home/.caicos/tgaver/ on line 124


If it’s different than past upgrades, I bet I missed something then. I was just following the directions I was given in the past in this thread (which worked in the past), so if those aren’t applicable to this upgrade, then that’s where I messed something up, I’d think.

have you met tony?

Hmmm… a day of looking into this, and I really don’t know where to go. Gallery’s documentation on the upgrade (README) didn’t help much, I’m not using any special themes or modules (that I know of, just a straight install and see how it looks!), but it’s still messin’ with me.

Just when I thought I was figuring this whole upgrading thing out, I feel like I’m back to square one. :frowning:

have you met tony?

These are the instructions I used for my most recent upgrade:

Other than that, have you double-checked that you didn’t add any line breaks or extra white space to your config.php?

Do those instructions work as well for upgrading to 2.1? Or is that where the differences mentioned before come in. Also, I think I might be at a point where I’ve mucked up my gallery2 directory with a “half-install” (though I did backup the database through phpMyAdmin first!)

And as far as I know, there’s nothing in the config.php that shouldn’t be there, I don’t think I’ve touched that (there are line breaks and potential white spaces, but it seems uniform enough that it’s supposed to be there.)

have you met tony?

I haven’t gone to 2.1 just yet, so I can’t say for sure.

At this point I’d definitely suggest asking the folks at the Gallery forums. Whenever I’ve had problems they’ve been really helpful at figuring out what I did wrong :->

Ahhh… NOW ya tell me! :wink:

I actually just dove into their forums this afternoon. I had finally had enough with scratching my head through the documentation, hopefully someone there has an answer here. Thanks for your help!

have you met tony?