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I have the PHP Web application Gallery installed and I’m having issues with the GD Library image resizing when I attempt to upload pictures.

I try to upload a picture and it tells me it could not create a

I have a friend who uses Dreamhost who installed this program for me. He says that he uploaded a copy of my Gallery onto his web server and he couldn’t get the pictures to upload either.

I have a ticket into support, and so far they have told me to check my paths. I have 4 albums and have been successfully uploading photos before this problem happened, and I haven’t updated the Gallery or made changes to the config…so I’m not sure how it could have changed.

Hoping someone here can shed some light on my problem. Thanks!

What Graphics suite you using in Gallery (and I presume you are talking about Gallery 1 here)??

You should be using ImageMagic, NetPBM on DH is out of date.

Not trying to beat a dead horse here… but I’m having the same problem.

I think it is steming from an incorrect path the ImageMagick. I have specified ‘usr/bin/X11/convert’ (without the quotes). Am I missing something?

(Tried coppermine, it’s ok, but I kinda like the layout with Gallery - oh, and I’m using 1.5)

Any help is appreciated.

Sweet jumping jeez…

I fixed my problem by (either) changing the path to ImageMagick to just usr/bin/ or changing the permissions on the .htaccess and config.php files to 644 before trying to modify the settings. I’m not sure which of these did the trick, as I did both of them at the same time, but now I can upload images and the thumbnails are created, without any errors!

Imagine that… reading the KBase actually (kinda) helps! :slight_smile:

You got to use imagemagick in either G1 or G2 as netpbm is way out of date and incompatible with G1/G2.

Mind you imagemagick is also way out of date but not as badly yet…

Yes the imagemagick path is /usr/bin and changing your .htaccess / config.php to 644 should not have been required as apache has full read rights by default…

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