Gallery - so slow! how to improve?

I have a default Gallery install. I have it set to the Medium acceleration profile.

However, I find the performance to be rather abysmal. It often takes 3-5 seconds (not milliseconds) for the main page to load, and sometimes 2-4 seconds for subpages to load.

I don’t have many photos per page - we’re talking about a dozen albums on the main page, and possibly a dozen on the subpages.

Is there anything I can do to optimize this further?

Mine’s not too bad, but I do have a handful of plugins and such that do add time. You can try disabling some of the plugins and see if that helps speed things up. I have the Frames plugin enabled just because I like the look, plus the Floatrix theme I’m using probably isn’t the most basic.

However, the quantity of data is hard to escape, so a main page with a dozen albums will take some time for the images to appear. Are you saying it’s a 3-5 second delay before anything happens?