Gallery scripts - Zenphoto and eSPG

Has anyone successfully installed either zenphoto (v0.9) or Enhanced Simple PHP Gallery (v1.7) on DH servers?

I have each script installed in its own subdirectory in a subdomain that runs PHP as CGI (i.e. and–but neither script is working correctly for me.

Zenphoto chucks me an error (The ‘albums’ directory cannot be found or is not readable); eSPG does not display full size images in public mode when mod_rewrite is enabled.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated; I have searched for solutions in the respective support forums for both scripts, but I have not been able to find anything that would work for me.

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P.S. Last week, after receiving some complaints from users about my Gallery2-powered gallery being too slow, I began trying out a few other gallery scripts, including zenphoto, eSPG, Photostack, Gallery Thingie, Minigal2, and Singapore. Disappointingly, out of the mentioned scripts, only Photostack worked correctly for me. :frowning:

I know it is bad form to reply to one’s own post, so I promise not to make it a habit.

Here is an update:
I have finally got zenphoto (v1.0beta) installed and running.

Anyone else experiencing trouble installing zenphoto, do check out the workaround posted in the zenphoto support forum–if the workaround does not work, read my post in that thread for more ideas.

eSPG 1.7 - uuugh (a shame, really); I shall wait and see what its next release can offer.


Was it any faster then gallery2?

'Just curious. (Not sure if gallery2’s biggest problem is itself, or that dreamhost’s SQL servers are slow).


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Sorry for my tardy reply, Byron!
Zenphoto and Gallery2 both ran sluggishly for me (ZP is a little faster than G2). As I have seen some pretty fast Zenphoto galleries and a few reasonably fast Gallery2 galleries around, I am beginning to suspect that the DH servers* are slow.

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  • even the flat text file driven PhotoStack runs painfully slowly for me. I do not have high-res large images in my test galleries.