Gallery - problem uploading


I’m hoping someone can help a newb with a Gallery problem!

I’ve gone through the one-click install and all seems fine and dandy. The problem is that I don’t seem to be able to upload large files.

I’ve uploaded a test image of 46kb no prbs, but i want to upload larger images (around 9,000kb!). Everytime i try the site thinks about it and then just spits me back to the front page having uploaded nothing.

I’ve had a look through the wiki and I can’t find any answers - there’s talk of altering php.ini, but that seems to be when you’re dealing with overly large albums.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Yeah, large files are a problem. I don’t have a direct fix, but what I do is upload the files via FTP to a temporary directory on the server and then use the Add Items From Local Server option.

Alec Usticke
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dude, i love you! that works a dream.

i was supposed to upload my wedding photos ages ago and the wife has been asking where they are!!

You’ve hit the 7 Meg upload limit.

I don’t know why the wiki article is so short now, but here’s an older version. Go with the small PHP5 update mod.



I’ve been having the same problem uploading many large photos. I was hoping to use the “import from local server” option as well, but I don’t know what “path” to type into gallery.

I’ve uploaded my photos to ‘/incoming’ (there’s a folder called “incoming” in my FTP root), but Gallery doesn’t recognize it.

Does anyone know what path I type into the box to access that folder from within gallery? How do I tell gallery how to get to my FTP root?

It’d be /home/aeblank/incoming, or whatever your FTP username is.

And there’s no guarantee that “import from local server” will work since it’s still using PHP to grab the file, but let us know.