Gallery One Click as custom install only?


I’m trying to add Gallery as a one click to my newly created html site. Is this only available as a Custom install?

The Wiki indicates there are 2 options a Simple Installation and a Custom installation. As the Simple installation indicates the software will be managed for me and there is no access to those system files, at this point in my journey, that is fine.

Based on that information, I clicked on Gallery as a One click install and was prompted for the Custom Install. No visible option of Simple Install.

Did I miss something?
Thank you for your insights!


The wiki is behind real time. Dreamhost is phasing out all the “simple” one click installs. Custom is no harder to do, and gives you alot more flexibility going forward.


OK, I’ll give it a try.
Thanks for your help.


Ok, the Gallery Custom install initiated the e-mail with the link and instructions. When the link is clicked, I am taken to the page.

Would this in any way be related to the fact while working on the site, the DNS is still pointing to the old site. The plan is for the new and improved content in HTML to be on Dream Host. is the old site. Would we need to make the change to the DNS to point to the new HTML files prior to initiating Gallery? is the mirror site ( the future content) is the subdomain we created.


Do you have an extra . in that last url? did you mean ??

If so, yes you will also need to create a mirror for the subdomain just like you did for the main domain.


Yes, sorry, it’s a typo. I’m new at that too!
Yes, it’s


so you will need to create a mirror for the subdomain just like you did for the main domain, until you change the DNS…