Gallery issues


I’ve recently lost my tech-savvy partner, and am having problems with the latest install of Gallery. As a tyro, I have no idea what to do next. I’m missing several albums, am told others are invalid, and at least one that should contain data is now empty. I was just in there a couple of days ago…sheesh.

Web location is katamari, no issues known with that server.

Message I see is:

Attention Gallery Administrator!
Gallery has detected the following 2 invalid album(s) in your albums directory
Please move it/them out of the albums directory.

These are not invalid, as far as I know, and were there earlier this week. Has anyone seen this before? Any idea what I should do next?


I see that you’re running Gallery 1, which helps make things easier.

It does look like those two albums exist in your albums directory, but may have gotten corrupted. If they have not been changed since “a couple of days ago,” then you can recover the data from the .snapshots directory.

If you’re up for a good read (and you have to be to wade through this), see:

At a minimum, I’d look the following (which I think should be there):

Start by trying the plain .dat files and see if that does it.



Thanks Scott. I’ll wade through the list tomorrow, right now I’m sure I’d press all the wrong buttons!


It took me several hours, but I finally figured out what you (& the wiki) were talking about, got into net2ftp & fixed what I could fix, which was most things, I think. I had to go into the weekly.0 version, but that seems to have done the trick. I learned enough about how to replace & rename files so that if I ever need it again, at least I know where to look.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, Scott. I’m still a tyro, but living proof that if you can read, you can cook! ;p


Glad to know you got things working again. Now that it’s (hopefully) stable, it would be a good time to create a local backup of your site in case things go bad again.
You can skip the FrontPage Extensions section if you don’t use FrontPage.

It’s quite an ordeal, but is a necessity should some disaster strike your site.