Gallery is slow

My photo gallery “one click install” is really slow! It takes forever to load pages.

Any idea why?

My gallery was slow until I set caching to full for visitors.

Even then, when I edit my albums it’s slow-ish.

Finally, my server was having problems this weekend so everything was beyond slow. Nothing to do about that except submit a ticket and hope for the best.

How slow is slow for you?

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I’m having the same problem - I should probably submit a support ticket.

I only have a small selection of pictures, and at most a user or two connected at once. The site is for sharing family photos, so it shouldn’t be a problem with too many concurrent users.

I’m very interested to hear if you find any solutions for this problems. I’ll be sure to post back if anything turns up.

Well, I have not found a way to speed it up. I will submit a support ticket.

I just went to submit a support ticket, and noticed a critical alert from Dreamhost. They are aware of the problem and are trying to fix it now.

That is good news, because my Gallery is very slow…