Gallery install problems


Ive installed gallery several times previously without any problems, but…

Today ive attempted (using the one click installs) to install in a new sub domain and something clearly isnt right!

There is an error coming up in the install process… can someone have a look and advise please?



While the staff stop by, this is not an effective route to communicate problems to them. Submit a helpdesk ticket under the “support” link in the control panel.


I just checked your url, and everything looks good. Your problem(s) might have bben related to DNS propagation, as you indicated you used a subdomain.

It has been my experience that, while “one-click” works very well, the DH screens and email notifications are often very optimistic about when things will be “ready”. Even if the database is made, the virtual host is created, and everything else on the DH side is done, there can still be delays while the DNS propagates (for both the domain and the MySQL host). I’ve seen users get the email that “all is ready”, then go to the site to complete the install steps and have it break because the MySQL host cannot be reached, etc.

Sometime, patience id a virtue; you don’t things “fixed” andy quicker, but it is a lot less stressfull.



yeah i am in Kuwait and i can see the site here. might be from your ISP’s cache or something

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Cheers for the replies guys.

I did try to resend a reply from another machine - but for some reason I got logged out and then sidetracked.

The problem was something to do with IE cache. When I ran Opera, the install started and was completed inside 5 minutes.

One to remember I guess!