Gallery Install Issue

okay I have apparently done something wrong I can not find the place I am supposed to put the login.txt file…


there is no directory like that when I use my ftp program

this is the only new thing its under my “home directory” of


I tried putting the login.txt in there and it doenst work I tried looking it up in help but apparently im a slowchylde lately … I can not figure out what im doing wrong… im sure its probably something dumbsimple… but I would appreciate any help I can get…

thanks in advance…


You have to place it in the folder where your gallery will be visible to the web. This should be the same folder that you picked to install it to from the one-click-installs section. Did you go to to begin the install/configure process? If so, that should be where the file will go (the first directory you listed, you can also do /home/divarexc/ The second directory you listed is for some of the files that need more security, so they are kept in your home directory rather than being accessible to the web.

Check out Gordaen’s Knowledge, the blog, and the MR2 page.