Gallery: how to improve performance

My gallery installation takes infinite time to load and is generally very sluggish.

I don’t even have all that many photos or plugins!

Are there any best practices or configurations to improve this?

How about your other pages? Are the slow as your gallery as well?

If so, I think something is wrong with your server and you should send a ticket to DH support.

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My gallery pages are pretty egrigious. The other ones are ok. WP can get pretty slow too.

What are you caching/acceleration setttings?

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I notice similar lagging on my gallery pages. My suggestions, as dtc suggested:

1.) turn on full caching in gallery. (I picked full acceleration)
2.) turn on cache in wordpress, and look into supercache. I upped my cache period to something like 5 days as well…

I think sql performance tends to be the killer on dreamhost, though I’m not enough of an expert to know.

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I’ve found that a caching php accelerator (such as xcache or eaccelerator) makes a significant difference in performance with gallery and wordpress. It’s not incredibly simple to setup at dreamhost, but it is probably worth it.

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I’ve implemented SuperCache, but people comment on my entries a lot, which defeats the purpose. :frowning:

Also, I think there are NFS issues involving Dreamhost and Supercache. Yesterday, one of my blogs wouldn’t work until I turned OFF supercache/cache.

It appears that to do that, I will need to have a custom install of PHP.

How awfully painful is that? And more importantly, how awfully painful is maintaining this?

My experience with xcache is on my own server, and I have not yet done a custom install of PHP on dreamhost. It doesn’t look like it would be too much trouble.

If I did a custom install I would probably compile PHP with suhosin (hardened-php) support. This, combined with modsecurity, reduces the need to update PHP as often. On my old server I would update php 1-2 times per year, and even with running very old versions of phpbb and gallery, there were never any security breaches. That server ran without compromise for 3 years until I canceled it.

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Any good howtos or walkthroughs or docs on how to install/use xcache on Dreamhost?

I’d love to see a boost in my wordpress blogs as well.

I haven’t seen one for dreamhost specifically, but I have seen people mention that it works. I’d check out the php dreamhost tutorial, and look at the tutorial on the xcache website.

I have put all of the php cache plugins into production (mmcache, phpa, eaccelerator, xcache, etc), and xcache was the only one I didn’t have trouble with at some point. It works very well. It would be worth trying to install, even if no dreamhost-specific instructions exist.

I’ll put up instructions as soon as I have time to do implement it myself.

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