Gallery help


please help as i am new to this… i downloaded gallery to my site. Now in order to use it, i need to “authenticate” it? What do they mean by create a new text file called login.text? I dont know how to get into my server directory. Any help is greatly appriciated.


thats easy. open notepad on your computer put the code they gave u in it and save it as login.text
then open your ftp software (if you dont have one get one like cuteFTP or WSFTP) and login to your server. Upload the file into your gallery folder and then authenticate it from the gallery install page.

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thank you so much for your reply…i went to that site (cuteftp) and am a little confused as to which one i should download (there are many) any more help would be great! thanks



WS FTP LE is available here:


Alan Hallgarth