Gallery g2data permissions problem

I’ve searched the forum for information on this problem, but if it’s there, I wasn’t good enough at searching. The Gallery one-click install halts because it says this directory is read-only:


That’s the directory that Dreamhost’s e-mail specifically instructs us to create (we are instructed to substitute this one for the one the Gallery installer wants to create by default).

Gallery wants write permissions in order to finish installing. Here is what the install screen says:

" Your webserver needs to be able to write to this directory.
Permission systems vary from host to host. You can set a very relaxed set of permissions on this directory to get Gallery working, but if you’re concerned about security you should consult your system adminstrator to figure out how to make this as secure as possible. … (and then some examples)

It wants the permissions changed to 777. (That’s scary.) I’ve attempted to make that change myself through my FTP client, but I get a “permission denied” message. I also get the same “permission denied” when trying to change to any different set of permissions, not just the 777.

I’ve filled out a support ticket, but this surely has to be low on the totem pole, and some time has passed. Can anyone offer advice?

Many thanks in advance - Brie

Never mind … I searched again and found the following answer from a February 1 post:

I had the same problem where the folder seemed to have the owner of root. I couldn’t change the chmod properties of the folder to 777 (it was stuck at 755).

Here’s a solution if you’re stuck at step 4 of the Gallery 2.0 installation process:

  1. Delete the folder [yourdomain]_gallery_g2data that was created by the installation process.
  2. Recreate that folder you just deleted.
  3. Do the chmod command on that folder.

When re-creating the folder, it is created under your user login so you will have permissions to carry out a chmod.

Hope this helps."

It worked, and I didn’t have to do the chmod. - Brie