Gallery exif display problem

Anyone else have the problem in that when they click the link to change from the summary to detailed exif data in Gallery 2 (or viceversa) it doesn’t change until you do a manual reload of the page?

Give it a try at

I’ve also tried a different theme and it does the same thing but if I try it with Gallery installed on a local machine I have then it works as it should.

It seems to be some sort of dreamhost configuration in that when I copy the working gallery 2 folder up to my dreamhost account, the display of exif info suddenly needs a refresh as stated above.

I’m not seeing an EXIF display problem at the site you mentioned. Firefox and IE both display it as expected.

Sorry. I forgot to update my post. I backed up and reinstalled Gallery and the problem seems to have disappeared.

I’m wondering if it was something in the patch file updates I applied.