Gallery Database Oops

I had so much trouble with a domain where I’d installed Joomla and Gallery (using one-clicks) that I decided to move the domain to a new user and start fresh. There really are poltergeists… :slight_smile:

Before doing so, I had Joomla and Gallery both up-to-date using the one-clicks. So, there shouldn’t be a version issue with files or database tables.

Joomla did fine. But, Gallery 2.2.2 is driving me nuts!

Rather than just copy files from the G2 directories in the old user account, I decided to go through the install process. But, Gallery barked because it found existing tables.

So, I told the installer to use a different table name prefix, and things are fine. However, when I go into the config.php file and manually change the table name prefix to my existing tables (with HUNDREDS! of pics), I got a database error from Gallery.

Now when I’ve tried to go through the installer again, it wants to either create new tables or delete all the data in the tables with the prefix I want to use.

I’ve got a database dump.

Can I delete what’s there, then import the data back in, or will that hose something else up?

I’m so-so familiar with SQL and can stumble my way through queries using PHPMyAdmin.

Does anybody have a suggestion???