Gallery: Cannot Create Users

I recently installed Gallery v1.4.4-RC1 ( on a sub-domain in my DreamHost account. For the most part, I used the default settings, and almost everything is working: I can create a new album, add photos to it, modify it, etc. However, I cannot create any users – when I try to add a user, I fill out the form and click ‘Create’ and the form refreshes, without adding the user. It does not seem to matter what I fill out on the ‘Create User’ form, it always does the same thing. The only thing that works is clicking the ‘Cancel’ button.

Has anyone seen this before, or have any suggestions as to what I should try?

  • ‘Run PHP as CGI?’ is set for this sub-domain
  • I have not created any .htaccess files, other than the one created automatically by Gallery
  • CGI runs as the same user who owns all of the Gallery files and who did the Gallery installation


Hiya Alan,

I Just tested the same process with my 1.4.4 Gallery and noticed the same issue… Suggest you might want to post a bug report on the Gallery Sourceforge Site…