Gallery and WebDAV



I’m experimenting with a new Gallery2 installation and turned on support for WebDAV. G2 says its working but when I use the provided URL in Network Places from Windows, I’m not sure exactly what user ID it’s expecting. Is it a cannonical ID or a simple username?

Do I also need to enable WebDAV from the site CP? The page says enabling WebDAV may disable mod_rewrite, but that’s what G2 uses to facilitate WebDAV.



Someone else was trying this combo a month ago with no luck, apparently:

You might wan to try the Gallery forums:



I also know that there were lots and lots of problems with the Microsoft implementation of authentication with their WebDAV client in Windows XP. You might find some additional insight by searching for problems that other folks have been having on the client side.

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Thanks guys. Dunno how I missed that other recent posting. This is just an exercise to create a highly functional subsite in anticipation of some other activity. It’s a toy. I’ll play with it and if I figure it out I’ll post here.