Gallery "Add Photo" oversize issues



I recently installed Gallery 3.0.2 and am adding a few hundred photos. Some of them need a manual “rebuild” operation after the upload because Gallery reports that either the files or the thumbnails are oversized. This is fairly easy to remedy (using rebuild_items module) for most files but the problem shouldn’t be happening in the first place.

The files are all JPG, anywhere from 2MB to around 30. The failure to build doesn’t only occur with larger files. I can’t identify a pattern, it seems random. Some items rebuild but then seem to “go bad” again and need to be resized. Some images display fine but no thumbnail is generated for the album listing. This part is consistent, some items simply refuse to generate a thumbnail.

My inquiry to the Gallery forum about how to fix the problem this yielded these suggestions: [quote]a better host or
a better toolkit or
a smaller images or
smaller batches or
more resources or
more memory or
less ‘other’ processes at the same time or
a …[/quote]

From that response I’m guessing that when PHP fires up ImageMagick to do an operation that some server condition (memory or other resources as indicated above) might be causing ImageMagick to fail. Is there a log where such failures might be stored? Is there some standard environment or PHP setting that I should hit that will help?

For image processing, I’m using the stock ImageMagick 6.3.7 on the DH server, but can upgrade to the current 6.7.x if required (and if someone confirms this is stable and may fix the issue).

Anyone else running the same releases and having or not having these same issues?



No problem about adding photos and resizing photo with ImageMagick using Piwigo


That’s an interesting observation. Sincere thanks for taking the time to provide that info. While not conclusive, that points more in the direction of Gallery than the graphics library.

Still hoping for other comments to help with this specific problem so that I don’t need to consider a completely different content management system. :slight_smile:


Hey Starbuck: I’m having the same problem and have tried numerous workarounds with no success. I started a thread in the Gallery 3 forums -

Unfortunately, their conclusion is that it’s a hosting issue. I’m really hoping to get this issue resolved since I’ve invested a lot of time in Gallery setup.


Necromancing this thread: Can anyone with a clue tell us if there are issues with ImageMagick or Gallery3 that are specific to DH?

I really hate when software people point fingers at other stack components. (And I’ve been a developer for over 30 years.) The problem here is that we have FOSS on one side and a big black box on the other. I’m not qualified to look at this specific bit of code to understand if the Gallery people are right about there being a hosting issue.


I’m having the same issues, and it’s really annoying!

As pictures get larger and larger, I expect that Dreamhost will keep up with the times and allow larger image uploads & processing…


We’ve been upgrading ImageMagick (and it’s components) along with our servers recently, so we may be magically fixing this, but I would try bumping memory in PHP.

First make sure you’re on at least PHP 5.3 (I’d try 5.4, it works fine with Gallery 3), and then make a custom phprc file to increase memory.