Gallery 3



Is it possible to have Gallery 3 install on the server to be able to host a photo gallery?


I’m also curious about this one (know this is a super old thread!)

Is Gallery 3 going to be offered as a one-click install or upgrade for the existing Gallery 2 installs?


There isn’t a direct upgrade path from G2 to G3 so no, we won’t have an upgrade :confused:

Per Gallery: “Gallery 2 users need to install Gallery 3 and then import from Gallery 2.”

You should be able to run Gallery3, of course, btu we just don’t have a one-click.


Heh well, I think that’s one to save for after my thesis is done probably. Finally trained myself out of upgrading or installing things when I should either be going to sleep or doing work on something else. :smiley: