Gallery 3 one-click install, please


Gallery 2 is so yesterday! Please create a one-click installer for Gallery 3. Or at least make it easy for people to set up Gallery 3 for themselves; forum posts here and elsewhere suggest that this is currently more or less impossible.


My personal opinion of Gallery3 is that it’s fine software but very incomplete. A one-click install would leave a site with a lot of holes that then need to be plugged - which is exactly Not what a one-click type person would want. I’m not bashing the software, just trying to define where it sits in the FOSS ecosystem. The addons are incomplete, not very plentiful, and under-maintained. The software itself is cryptic. And there aren’t a lot of people who can provide the sort of support that we see with other FOSS like WordPress or Joomla or osCommerce. I’m just saying the level of maturity of G3 ( a complete re-write over its predecessors ) doesn’t match the profile of other one-click offerings here.

That’s just one guy’s opinion…

[EDIT] And BTW, I obviously Have setup my own G3 install here. So it’s not impossible. But perhaps the difficulty you’re seeing is just another confirmation of what I said above. Now, if someone can propose an alternative to G3 that doesn’t fit that above profile, something more mature and better supported, let’s jump on That bandwagon. I’d replace G3 in a heartbeat if I had something better.


Starbuck, have you seen ZenPhoto?

I dropped G2 when they switched to G3, since the software’s scope change didn’t meet my needs (also upgrading and theming made me cry).