Gallery 2

Hi Guys,

I just installed gallery 2 on dreamhost and have it working fine.
I have a question though.
I wish to transfer a bunch of files to a temp folder on the server and enter add them to gallery 2 from there.
In gallery2 admin I am unsure of the path to put in the local server upload paths dialog box. Is this an absolute path from the root of this server or from the root of my site?
I made a temp folder and gave it appropriate permissions but cant manage to tell gallery 2 where to find it.

I can upload files 4 at a time from the web interface but this would help me a lot.

Thanks for any help.

figured it out now
thanks anyhow.

I have been having issues with my sql server being unavailable but luckily error message which appeared pointed me in the right direction to sort gallery 2 out when it came back again.