Gallery 2 Horrible performance


Well, I know that Gallery 2 has some issues with being slower than G1. But my current site is bordering on unusable for my guests, and almost impossible to manage. My gallery has about 60k images (all 320x240 or 240x320) My other sites/domains get slow some times but nothing like I know it is mySQL related. talking with Dreamhost support I received the following message

"The problem is, I do see quite a lot of those queries running though.
Looking at your mysql usage the last few days, you had close to 500,000
queries 2 days ago… yesterday you had over 600,000 mysql queries running
that day.

Looking at your mysql usage, I do not believe a mysql PS is needed. I
would think a regular PS (webserver) will probably help you more.

Looking at the webserver usage for one of your users (me):
me 61435 6.06% 208420.85re 0.12%
81.83cp 3.16% 0avio 14143013ksec
me 51265 5.24% 228001.17re 0.13%
107.86cp 4.39% 0avio 29573883k

You are averaging about 4% of the entire server resources.

Quite a few of your processes are also getting killed as well by our
procwatch system. Your user (me) seems to be going over the PHP
memory limit quite a bit. If you had a PS server, we don’t have
procwatch installed.


Many of my albums contain thousands of images. I know the wait for PS servers have a waiting list but I’m wondering if I should just switch hosts to a dedicated or VPS server. I need this site to be usable and manageable… Any advice would be appreciated.


no recomendations? I would at least think the people on my shared server would be offering suggestions about me getting off of it. I’m sure I’m affecting their performance as much as mine


Not many people have a Gallery as loaded up as you do. Mine only has about 3k images. But have you gone into Gallery Admin and turned on Full Acceleration in Gallery’s Performance Tuning section? That should speed things up and reduce the load.



I have about 75k more images to load this weekend, once that’s done I am going to turn on the acceleration. can’t have it on now just because my uploads time out and get errors a lot but some times they still add the images. Anyone on a PS notice increased performance with Gallery 2?


Well, I now have a Dreamhost PS, Even when I crank it up to “1311 MHz of CPU time and 1311 MB” well above what the graph says for peaks, I still have slow loading, and timeouts loading images. I am beginning to think that I should just switch hosts.


Bummer. Have you visited the Gallery forums to see if there are ways to enhance performance?



yeah, I tried a few things before and didn’t help, I guess I can try them again with the PS and see if it helps any


Support was able to help me out by switching me over to a different SQL server. seems to be helping a lot.