Gallery 2 high CPU usage



I run a site with a gallery over Dreamhost. I picked out the service because the space and bandwidth requirements are very generous and more than meet my needs. However, I got an alert about using too much CPU time, and definitely want to get that throttled down before I become persona non grata. So, I figured I’d ask for suggestions from people that may have dealt with this before.

I’m entirely certain that the usage is from the Gallery 2 installation; I get approximately 6800 pages served a day, mostly from that. Last night, I cranked the guest user on Gallery down to partial acceleration, and if tonight’s log doesn’t show a large enough improvement, I can crank it down to full.

Beyond that, though, I’m pretty much at a loss. Are there any other tips and tweaks anybody can suggest to me to help throttle down how greedy Gallery is for CPU time? Is Gallery 1.5 more processor-friendly than 2? Any and all suggestions are welcome.


Hey darkwulf, can you post your domain here or send me a private message with it, so that I can track down your support history and take a look at your install? thanks!


PM was sent yesterday; hope you got it.
Got the log back after a day of having the Guest user tuned to full acceleration, and it’s had no impact at all. I’m running out of ideas, here.


I had this problem with another image gallery program (4images, I believe and even Coppermine gave me problems). i eventually scrapped anything php/MySQL related to my image gallery and went to an HTML based gallery.

Which basically means, i create everything myself and upload. A big pain the arse, but it beats getting reminders from dreamhost about CPU usage.

Hope you find some solution.


Hope this isn’t way off topic, just tryin’ to help. Have you tried Pixelpost? Thanks to someone on the forum mentioning it recently, I gave it a try, and it seems so less bloated than Gallery. Might get you out of those tedious manual uploads and page edits.



do you have place where we can see a demo. for me, the gallery would have to have main page/Category/Sub-Category/possibly sub-sub catergory options and would be able to handle a significantly large gallery. Not just a 1,000 pics, but upwards of 30K+


Pixelpost is pretty simple, which makes it easy to install and easy to integrate with your site. The out-of-the box download just enables you to create categories, but not sub-categories. Perhaps there is an addon that would enable this, haven’t looked. I also cannot find a demo on their site, so no demo of the admin area, but it’s so simple to set up that I wasn’t bothered by this. You can take a peek at my own “shoebox,” but a trip to the Pixelpost forum will reveal much better demonstrations of the visitor experience. And they’re very helpful.