Gallery 2 Database Problem -- Need Help

I have an SQL dump from Gallery 2. It contains details for a thousand or so images. I can’t import the file into a new Gallery implementation because the database structure of Gallery 2 has changed.

Perhaps I need to locate an older version and install it, then import my file…then update to Gallery 2.3? Or, perhaps I can somehow manually change the database to make it compatible with version 2.3?

I’ve asked for help on the Menalto forums, but they aren’t very nice to people who aren’t knowledgeable about PHP or SQL.

I’ve been trying to figure this out for two years. I could really use some help from someone who understands the database structure of Gallery 2 and is willing to help me get my images back on-line.

In the dump you can search for the version of gallery… normally is at the beginning… with that info on the gallery site you can download the appropriate version and try to upgrade… that’s the best I can think now.

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And the obvious solution would be to setup an older version of Gallery 2 and follow the upgrade paths as detailed here: Gallery Codex - Download

What problems exactly do you have with upgrading?

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