Gallery 2.2 and webDAV

I have just installed the newly available Gallery 2.2 with WebDAV capabilities… I have successfully mounted my fotos gallery on my desktop (Mac OS X 10.4.9) and have been able to create new Galleries (folders) but when copying photos (files) up to the new folders I get an error message (which I don’t remember). Also a _DS_Store file gets created in every directory so I’ve got to delete it from the Gallery pages later…

Has anyone been successful using this feature? I realize it’s new…

You do know that without the error message, it is very unlikely anyone will be able to know how to help you, right?


The error “The operation couldn’t be completed because and unexpected error occurred” (Error: -51)

That’s it.

That almost looks like a MAC OSX error message as opposed to a gallery generated message…and I have no idea what it means. :frowning: .

Are you using a mac?