Gallery 2.0 installation db issue

Hello helpful and nice person,

  • I am currently stalled on a Gallery2.0 installation.
  • I have done one successful install on my server
  • I am attempting to set up 3 more db on same server at other domains and subdomains
  • I have successfully set up the Installer
  • I am stuck on ‘Database Setup’

here’s the screen - approximately:

Unable to connect to database with the information provided.
Database Setup

Please select your database type and enter your database authentication information. The installer will not create the database for you, so you must create one yourself and enter the database name here. If you are installing Gallery into a database that already has tables in it, the table and column prefixes will keep Gallery data from conflicting with what you already have.

This is a multisite installation. Remember that each multisite requires its own database tables. Either choose a different database or a different table prefix for each multisite!
Database type: MySQL
DB Hostname: cyrax
DB Username: xxxxx
DB Password: xxxxxx [same as i use to ftp]
DB Name: gallery2
Table Prefix: g2a_ [since I already have one install - will do g2b, g2c, etc]
Column Prefix: ga_
We received the following database related errors:

Warning: mysql_connect(): Lost connection to MySQL server during query in /home/.ohio/xxxx/ on line 348
cyrax: Lost connection to MySQL server during query

Any thoughts on what’s wrong?

If you want three different istallations in one database

[quote]DB Hostname: cyrax
DB Username: xxxxx
DB Password: xxxxxx[/quote]
the information in these fields need to be the name of the existing DB and the username and password you used to create it.