Galactus doesn't exist?

I just started a new account today that’s being housed on galactus. Having set up accounts with Dreamhost before, usually, as soon as I get an email giving me the box, user password, I can start uploading my files to the account immediately.

However, this time the box doesn’t even seem to exist. There are no notifications about box ‘galactus’, so it can’t be that.

It’s not a DNS thing, because even when I try to ftp from shell in another dreamhost account, the box ‘galactus’ still doesn’t exist.

Maybe I’m just used to the immediacy of our era - like microwave pizza and quick-freeze gel packs.

I started putting it in to support - at step three of five in the support system, I got this:

[quote]Problems Found

We found the following issues with your account during a diagnostics test.
These results will be sent to our technical support team.

Please proceed to the next step to continue submitting your support ticket.[/quote]
But no problems were actually listed.

I’d put this to support, but they haven’t answered my previous open ticket yet about external mx. Maybe the box is so new it hasn’t been created yet. Any chance someone might have an idea what I can expect in the way of time till arrival on something like this?

This is a new one on me.

Something’s wrong. If it’s not even in DreamHost’s DNS, it doesn’t exist (yet). Are you sure that’s the right name. Probably, but I had to ask.

Go ahead and submit to Support. I’ve never seen a time where a box didn’t exist.