GAH! Die webmail!

I am so fed up with dreamhost’s webmail service. I can’t figure out how to setup either Outlook or Thunderbird so I’m stuck using webmail which takes forever to open (if it actually decides to work that is). It’s getting to the point where if my mail goes down one more time I’m going to leave DH.

My question is how can I get thunderbird to work? I followed the instructions in the wiki but it still won’t let me log in. The message I get is “could not connect to mail server…; the connection was refused.” I changed the outgoing port to 587 and left the mail server at 143.

What am I doing wrong?

I’m using 110 for the incoming (POP) server with 587 for outgoing (SMPT), checked the box for outgoing requiring authentication (this is Outlook) using same settings as incoming, and it’s fine.

It was wise of you to at least make sure webmail (accounts, passwords) are working first, but probably the port number is at fault.